Professional pest control services

In the residential sector, we provide pest control services to houses, apartment buildings, condominium buildings and town houses. We eliminate all kinds of pests such as bed bugs, cockroaches, mice, flies, birds, ants, wasps, bees, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, hornets, silver fish and all other pests.

Cockroach, bed bug and mice have become a serious problem in apartment buildings, houses and motels. CitiDesk has guaranteed solution for all these nasty pests. Now there is no need to garbage your costly furniture and other items as CitiDesk is committed to making your property pest free by adopting very safe, effective and environment friendly pest control treatment at a very affordable price.

We achieve guaranteed 100% results in pest elimination by using all scientific and modern pest management techniques like Integrated Pest Management. Contact Us Now and Protect your Family and Home from Dangerous pests.

Quality pest control

In our Family live human being but Pest like Bedbugs, Spiders, Lizards, Termites, Cockroaches, rodents are not our family. They spread diseases somehow. Hence keeping homes or offices pests free is the need of this century. Pests hazards to the environment too which ultimately cause to death of living species also.

We have modern techniques like Gel Treatment, Fogging, Spraying, Netting etc. to control the pests and we are using both Herbal, Chemicals products as per requirement of customer. The chemicals which are using are effective that kill pests within 2-3 hours. You need not to vacant home during treatment. You have to cover all the utensils with cloths/old bed sheets and keep middle site of home. Keep your valuable thing at middle with old cloths over it so that insects will not hide inside. Our experts keep on watching the effectiveness of treatment after 2-3 hours as usually pets take Max. 2 hours to dead. After that depending on severity they suggest or guide how much treatment settings are to be requiring controlling the pests.

On our first visit

Our technicians will meticulously inspect your home. This includes all living areas, basements, and garages. We will search for any potential entry and exit points where pests could access your home and seal them. Additionally, we will begin to create barriers inside and around your home to keep all pests away. This includes the following:

  • Search for and remove insect harborage areas
  • Remove webs outside of your structure, also remove any spiders or eggs we find.
  • Treat windows and doors
  • Treat 2 feet up and 6 feet out from your foundation
  • Treat eves and areas conducive to insect harborage and activity
  • Install rodent bait stations around your structure and each visit clean and re-bait stations
  • Treat your attic to prevent overwintering pests
  • Caulk all entry points for the exclusion of pests and rodents 

Our second visit and going forward

Our technicians will return to inspect your home’s exterior and perform a comprehensive barrier and perimeter application to keep all pests away. When we return, our treatments will be more specific to your particular pest problem.

Our protocols will target ants, wasps, spiders, mice, beetles, box-elder bugs, cockroach, ants, or any other pests you may be facing. As always, we will gladly come back in between service dates to address any issues you may have at no additional charges.

During each follow up visit, we will:

  • Inspect your home’s exterior and enhance your perimeter’s barrier
  • Remove any spider webs and eggs
  • Treat and seal all possible pest entry points to your home
  • Check and refill rodent bait stations as needed
  • Check termite pest stations for activity and bait as necessary
  • Inspect attic and retreat annually.
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