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We are offering exceptional quality commercial pest control services to all sectors such as offices, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, motels and shopping malls. Cockroaches in the kitchen of restaurants, bed bugs on the mattress of any motel and the presence of mice in the grocery store or the storage area cause serious damage to the property and business.

This may panic the customers and affect the reputation of the business. For all your pest problems we have the solution. We provide after hours services to our clients without impeding their business activities. 

Pest control for offices

We offer powerful, proven commercial pest control services backed by our guarantee. We’ll put every ounce of that experience to work for you in creating an effective defense against pests. Large buildings have plenty of places for pests to hide, whether it’s a warehouse or office. Flies like to hide out in places such as floor drains, signs and duct work. Without a strong Pest Control Plan, you risk losing customers, disrupting your day-to-day operations and paying costly regulatory fines. We have the technology and solutions to get pests out and keep them out.

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Pests can hurt your reputation, disrupt your day-to-day operations and result in regulatory fines. But not with CitiDesk Pest Control. We’ll protect your business and your bottom line. Guaranteed.

A rodent infestation can cost your business time, money and reputation. We’ll make sure rats and mice never get the chance by effectively removing any infestation. Rats and mice threaten your company’s property and reputation. A generic commercial mice inspection service is risky. Don’t chance it. Trust us to rid your business of unwelcome visitors.

Rodent and mice control

We have the expertise to take care of your current rodent problem and provide effective, proactive protection against future infestations. We will not only eliminate any rodent infestation, we’ll create an effective plan to keep them out of your business for good. We’ll work fast, report our progress and help reduce the risk of property damage and regulatory fines immediately.

Reduce your risk of fines or mandatory shutdown due to infestations. Save money with less contaminated food and products. Encounter fewer fire hazards due to chewed wiring. Enjoy a healthier environment for you, your employees and your customers. We use a variety of traps and baits to capture and remove rodents from your premises. We also identify and show you how to correct conditions that attract rodents in the first place.

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